9 Out Of 10 People Are

A good accountant minimises your tax and helps you plan your business

No-one likes paying tax but as Benjamin Franklin said, "Death and taxes are the only two things guaranteed in life" so the last thing you want is to be paying more tax than you need. Yet the vast majority, as many as 9 out of 10 people do pay more taxes than necessary. Why is that?

Either, they have not consulted an accountant for tax advice or the accountant they have treats them like a number and doesn't help them make legal changes that will reduce their tax bill.

We will help you meet your reporting and tax obligations whether you are a private individual, a business, a trustee of a family trust or a not for profit organisation.

Accounting Services other than Tax.

We can also help your business with many more services besides reducing your tax. Here are a few examples:

• Rental property tax to improve the profits in your investment property.
• Family trust administration and record management.
• Bookkeeping services to reduce your Annual Accounts preparation accounting fees.
• Cashflow forecasting to keep your business solvent
• Raising the selling value of your business
• Help with buying or selling a business

We also provide services to not for profit organisations either by way of preparing the financial reports or providing reviews of financial reports.  For a small tier 4 not for profit group we charge $600 +gst per review.

Many business owners know they need to take care of some of these finance issues but are simply too busy to make time or learn how to do it.  We take that pressure off you and get your reports completed on time so you can concentrate on running your business.

For more information about reducing your tax or improving your business financial performance, call us on 021 0279 7975 or email us at info@tia.nz for an initial free consultation.

Listed below are the services we offer.