Xero Training

We are now offering Xero training to all our clients and any other interested business people. Xero does provide a lot of training but we have found that some people just need that personal touch.  Our training is one on

Rental Loss Ring Fencing

Rental Loss Ringfencing means that the loss cannot be offset against other income types (eg. Wages or Business Income) which often resulted in a tax refund.  Instead any loss will be offset against future profits that your rental property makes. The

Payday Payroll Filing

In April 2019 The Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) was replaced and now you need to send data to IRD after each pay period its called payday filing.  You don’t need to file any other forms but must still pay PAYE

Tax Advisers Who Needs Em’

When do you need a tax adviser The simple answer is if you have income that is not from NZ sourced wages/salary, superannuation, benefit, bank investments, kiwisaver, or fully taxed dividends then you probably need to talk to a tax