Entertainment expenses can be divided into “business” (deductible) and “private” (non-deductible). Deductible expenses must have been incurred in carrying on a business to gain gross income. (IR 268)

Private entertainment expenditure is not deductible.

Fully deductible entertainment expenses:

  • Meals while travelling on business
  • Food and drink at conferences/staff training or business course
  • Meal allowances
  • Executive dining room
  • Morning and afternoon teas
  • Promotions open to the public and trade displays
  • Off-shore entertainment
  • Monetary sponsorship
  • General entertainment provided
  • Samples for advertising or promotion
  • Charitable entertainment for the public
  • Providing entertainment to reviewers
  • Taxable entertainment benefit allowance
  • Entertainment liable for FBT
  • Licensed premises operators providing a special offer

Entertainment expenses that are 50% deductible:

  • Corporate boxes and similar exclusive areas at recreational away from your business premises
  • Accommodation in a holiday home, time-share apartment or similar
  • Pleasure-craft, e.g., a corporate yacht
  • Food and drink provided or consumed in specific premises

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